Why Choose High Street?

Our mission is to provide South West Trillium competitors with a quality horse show, focusing on quality. We aim to provide competitors with a safe, productive and fun environment to compete, and train their horses.  Our goal is to put on a show that the competitors, parents, coaches, spectators, sponsors and the horses will love.

What’s in a Name?

The name, High Street, comes from the United Kingdom, where the ‘High Street’ is known as the main business street in every city and village. In fact, most main streets are actually named High Street. We have selected this name to denote the feeling of community and commerce we hope to foster at our shows. Each year our show is held at the Ilderton Fairgrounds, which touchingly, are located on Ilderton’s ‘High Street’.

IMG_0984 (2).JPG

High Street Horse Shows is one of 10 Horse Shows hosted on the South West Trillium Hunter Jumper Association Circuit. The Trillium circuit exists throughout Ontario, offering both hunter and jumper competitions. The province is divided into 7 regions, and each region hosts a number of shows throughout the competition season. At these shows, horses and riders compete to earn points. The top 7 horse/rider combinations from each region, in each division, qualify to compete at the Provincial Championships, which are held in September each year. High Street hosts the final horse show of the South West Trillium circuit, and is a vital competition for many of our competitors.

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